ExportUSA EU Branch has been established in Brussels, under the aegis of Belgian Law, as the institutional branch of the American headquarters.   

Our Brussels office was founded on the principle that EU-US relations on trade issues need support and fostering. We want to facilitate the definition of a new political framework for international trade between Europe and America by helping to shape the debate.

International projects will be co-founded by participating European intuitions and the European Union. By sharing knowledge and experience, we can better identify challenges, threats, best practices and failed strategies.

ExportUSA EU BRANCH is ready to work with public organizations and agencies at the International, European, National and Regional level as we propose solutions and related actions for the main Euro – American trade challenges.


Lucio Miranda, President of ExportUSA in Europe

I was born in Monza, Italy and graduated from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. In 1989, I started working in the field of marketing and sales. I have held several different positions in France, Korea, Japan, Brazil and the United States, where I have lived since 1993 after obtaining a Master's Degree in Marketing and Finance from New York University's Stern School of Business in 1995. In 2003, I founded ExportUSA as a part of the Inetitalia Corp. Group to help foreign companies enter the US market. We first started by offering just a few services, mainly focused on logistics. As the years went by, we grew the range of services we provided to meet the needs of our growing client base. Our clients' needs were increasing in scope and scale as they sought to enter the US market.

Considering that Euro-American relations are primarily concerned with trade policy, both my partner and I decided to establish our own office in Brussels to work with the European Union to provide the EU technical support on all trade issues with America.

Muriel Nussbaumer, CEO of ExportUSA in Europe

I am the CEO of ExportUSA in Europe and Representative of the Italy – America Chamber of Commerce. I am based in Italy (Rimini) where I am responsible for all client and institutional relations. Europe and USA are leaders in the areas of quality and technology and they have every interest in keeping markets open. Giving my contribution in Europe to foster the Euro American bilateral trade relations, will be one of my future priorities”. 



Anna Breda

My name is Anna Breda and I am a passionate, versatile and result driven individual, specialized in the area of EU Trade Issues  with a proven track record in setting up innovative communication strategies, aimed at creating international cooperation between the public sector and the private one. I am the public affairs coordinator of ExportUSA EU BRANCH and I am based in Brussels”.