A New Look EC on the Horizon

Ursula von der Leyen has announced her nominations for the European Commission, and various critics have taken issue with the “bizarre” choice of job titles. Whatever union exists in continental Europe these days seems to be fraying somewhat, and it appears that U.S. politicians have taken note: Ex-GOP Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) is leading a new coalition to prevent Italian-made goods from being targeted by U.S. trade policies. He will lead the American Italian Food Coalition (AIFC), a consortium of companies seeking to protect Italian pasta, coffee, biscuits and wafers from U.S. tariff policies. The AIFC argues that Italian-made goods should not be part of the USTR retaliatory tariffs because when Airbus received subsidies from European Union states, Italy was not one of them.  “Italy shouldn’t be punished for the actions of other countries”, says Barletta. Hmm. Is it time to re-define the term “union”?

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